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Provide Various API Products to Support Your Business

We provide various API products that will help your business grow and know your customers better.
product Acura Score
Acura Score

Get Acura Score of a user using this API. Acura Score is a numerical expression of an e-wallet user that represent the creditworthiness of an individual. A score is primarily based on sub-scores: financial health, credit discipline, identity, behaviour and preference, and financial connection.

product Distress Score
Distress Score

Provide users with just in time financial resolutions and tide through the hard times together with the use of the Distress Score. The distress score is a numerical gauge of a users financial distress level.

product Income Proxy
Income Proxy

Income is a vital information to several financial services however, it is at times, information that is unavailable. Financial service providers can now leverage the income proxy score to bolster in-house segmentation and decisioning processes. The income proxy score is a categorical estimate of a users financial income level.

product Collection Score
Collection Score

Collection score predicts the likelihood a consumer will repay their debt so companies can allocate resources to the accounts most likely to pay. Being enabled by pre-emeptive action through accurate predictions of future delinquency of your existing collection accounts allows you to make more informed, profitable decisions and focus collection teams on the right accounts.